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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Allen, John Bolton 74027 28th Bn
Ashley, Arthur William 487330 5th University Co.
Baggs, Charles Reginald 487437 PPCLI
Baker, Richard Edward St. Barbe   King Edward Horse
Barr, Hamilton 74208 28th Bn
Bays, Percy Clarence 487301 5th University Co.
Berry, Harry 74030 28th Bn
Blackburn, Joseph   AMC
Brailsford, William 1051324 243rd Bn
Burd, Frederick   Princess Louise Bn
Burd, Walter 74034 28th Bn
Chatfield, Alfred Ernest 529546 AMC
Downer, Charles William 910900 11th Field Amb
Egar, Henry 475454 4th Univ Co
Fenton, John Joseph 911064 196th Bn
Frost, Francis George 74039 28th Bn
Garrod, William Francis 74041 28th Bn
Godby, Herbert Alder 487436 Univ Co
Gray, George John   11th Field Amb
Gray, Walter Arthur 531774 11th Field Amb
Greenwood, Walter 910922 11th Field Amb
Hamblett, Reginald William 487326 5th University Co.
Heal, Samuel 15258 11th Bn
House, John Wheeler 487332 5th Univ. Co.
Hughes, Ernest Lake 487403 5th University Co.
Jack, Herbert Alexander 487322 5th University Co.
Jeary, John Elijah 487327 PPCLI
Johnson, Albert Edward 910877 11th Field Amb
Lavers, Reginald Adolphus Frederick 487334 5th Univ Co
Lloyd, Arthur Stephen Kenyon 73080 196th Bn
Pearson, William Charles 531680 28th Bn
Reynolds, George Graham   PPCLI
Smith, John Henry 524319 CAMC
Spackman, Flower Stephen 73041 28th Bn
Starkings, Arthur George 487329 5th Univ Co
Waite, Gilbert Joseph 524318 CAMC
Wright, Arthur James 487336 5th University Co.
Wright, George 523782 1st Field Amb

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