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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Anderson, Andrew Melville 260612  
Ball, Spencer 910856 196th Bn
Bayne, Charles McVicar 781636 128th Bn
Bell, Arthur Stanley 487482 PPCLI
Dawson, John Kenneth 910876 196th Bn
Fyfe, Robert John   10th CMRR
Harrington, Cyril N 411098 1st Univ Co
Mackenzie, John Kenneth   infantry
McPherson, Frank Thomas   2nd University Co.
Murray, J 505015 Canadian Enginers Overseas
Porter, George Frederick   128th Bn
Silcox, Hugh Alfred 114530 1st CMR
Silverson, L   RAF
Smith, Hugh Sutherland 512129 Army Service Corps
Stewart, Alan E   CAC HQ Sig Coy
Stewart, Andrew Ernest 505024  
Thorn, George Oliver 910855 196th Bn

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