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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Bate, George Aubrey 910915 196th Bn
Bayne, Charles McVicar 781636 128th Bn
Caswell, Walter Buchanan 106135 CMR
Codling, William Mansell 910959 196th Bn
Colvin, John G 104170 68th Bn
Donaldson, George Tait 910992 196th Bn
Douglas, Andrew 910902 196th Bn
Freer, Frederick James   196th Bn
Fyfe, Robert John   10th CMRR
Hunt, Williis George 910875 196th Bn
MacMillan, Michael Allen   1st CMR
Matthews, Harvey T 910852 196th Bn
McNaughton, William Gladstone 910858 196th Bn
Nesbitt, Fred 910908 196th Bn
Nicoll, James Rae Paterson 910953 196th Bn
Reid, Elwyn Robert 910931 196th Bn
Silcox, Hugh Alfred 114530 1st CMR

17 names

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