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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Alexander, Laurence Guy 910904 196th Bn
Ball, Spencer 910856 196th Bn
Barr, Erland Edward 911060 196th Bn
Bate, George Aubrey 910915 196th Bn
Bayles, Sidney Moore 910864 196th Bn
Beaton, William Dobie 2193309 196th Bn
Blair, Harold James 910924 196th Bn
Bremner, Charles Jamieson 910906 196th Bn
Brydon, James 910893 196th Bn
Burke, Daniel Clive 2193314 196th Bn
Cameron, Henry George 2193312 196th Bn
Channell, Gordon Mortimer 2193311 196th Bn
Clark, Cable Boville 910887 196th Bn
Clark, Herbert Moses Benjamin 910874 196th Bn
Coates, Walter George 901857 196th Bn
Codling, William Mansell 910959 196th Bn
Colbiornsen, Almond Ludvig 2193338 196th Bn
Cooke, Bradford Alexander 910863 196th Bn
Cumming, James Douglas   196th Bn
Dawson, John Kenneth 910876 196th Bn
Dillon, Reginald James 910869 196th Bn
Dimock, Hedly Seldon 2193304 196th Bn
Donaldson, George Tait 910992 196th Bn
Douglas, Andrew 910902 196th Bn
Elliott, Lorne Burton 911029 196th Bn
Elliott, Russell Howard 910905 196th Bn
Fenton, John Joseph 911064 196th Bn
Freer, Frederick James   196th Bn
Gloag, Robert 910923 196th Bn
Glover, Geoffrey 910910 196th Bn
Goulden, Oscar William 910870 196th Bn
Greaves, Eric Miller 910865 196th Bn
Hallett, Clifford Baron 2193310 196th Bn
Hartley, Thomas Arnold 911021 196th Bn
Hill, James Gordon 910890 196th Bn
Hopkins, Grenville Carson 2193335 196th Bn
Hunt, Williis George 910875 196th Bn
Jefferson, George Chester 910868 196th Bn
Leitch, Robert Stanley 910909 196th Bn
Lindal, Skuli Gudbrandur 910999 196th Bn
Lloyd, Arthur Stephen Kenyon 73080 196th Bn
MacEwen, Louis James 2193336 196th Bn
Mackenzie, Chalmers Jack   196th Bn
Matthews, Harvey T 910852 196th Bn
McConnell, Clifford 910866 196th Bn
McCordick, Robert Peverel 2193346 196th Bn
McKenzie, Kenneth 910942 196th BN
McNaughton, William Gladstone 910858 196th Bn
Moore, John James 910929 196th Bn
Nesbitt, Fred 910908 196th Bn
Nicholson, Allan Levi 910903 196th Bn
Nicholson, Angus 910854 196th Bn
Nicoll, James Rae Paterson 910953 196th Bn
Oliver, John Payson   196th Bn
Palmer, Frederick Erik 910888 196th Bn
Palmer, Samuel Edward 2193301 196th Bn
Reid, Elwyn Robert 910931 196th Bn
Rowles, Thomas 910880 196th Bn
Shouldice, Stanley Hobbs 910873 196th Bn
Shuttleworth, Roy Eugene 2193332 196th Bn
Smith, Allan A 910949 196th Bn
Smith, Ralph Bracken 911061 196th Bn
Spence, Ronald Charles 910851 196th Bn
Thomson, Edwin Ernest 910853 196th Bn
Thorn, George Oliver 910855 196th Bn
Walker, Ashley MacIntosh 911050 196th Bn
Whittingham, Grover 910867 196th Bn
Willing, Norman Gillespie 2193302 196th Bn
Willing, Victor 910936 196th Bn

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