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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Anderson, Andrew Melville 260612  
Brailsford, William 1051324 243rd Bn
Cooney, Leonard Oliver 531724 11th Field Amb
Curiston, Charles Roland    
Elliott, Lorne Burton 911029 196th Bn
Fyfe, Robert John   10th CMRR
Gilmer, Ernest Richard 1637 CAMC
Gordon, John A 3352211 1st Depot Bn SK
Gray, George John   11th Field Amb
Hall, Thomas 925915 152nd
Joslyn, John Charleton 475903 Canadian Field Artillery
Lewis, Claude Elvis 267125 RFC
Macintosh, William Cameron 74501 28th Bn
McCreedy, Hedley Vicars 436824 46th Bn
Palmer, Samuel Edward 2193301 196th Bn
Piercy, Chesley Hickman 1009912 249th Bn
Sangster, Douglas Russell   2nd University Co.
Silcox, Hugh Alfred 114530 1st CMR
Smith, Ralph Bracken 911061 196th Bn
Swift, George 886556 188th Bn
Tarbat, George P 234206 203rd Bn
Thomson, William Burr 1018386 Army Service Corps
Wiklund, Paul Peter 2476389 44th Bn
Williams, Thomas John   4th Univ Co
Wright, George 523782 1st Field Amb

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