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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Blair, Harold James 910924 196th Bn
Eaton, John W   AIC
Frost, Francis George 74039 28th Bn
Haslam, James Arthur 74042 28th Bn
Heal, Samuel 15258 11th Bn
Hossie, David Neill   King Edward Horse
Hunter, William Yeats   203rd Bn, Imperial Army
Little, Frank Clifton   53rd Bn
Lloyd, Frank Percival   203rd Bn
Lloyd, William Exton 74043 28th Bn
MacDermid, John Edgar   11th Bn
Macpherson, John Ross M 411064 1st Univ Co
McPherson, Frank Thomas   2nd University Co.
Munro, John Matthew   CAMC
Oliver, Edmund Henry   196th Bn chaplain
Oliver, John Payson   196th Bn
Paterson, George Irving   142nd Bn
Pearson, Ronald Wilfred   53rd Bn
Porter, George Frederick   128th Bn
Reaney, John Eadon   28th Bn
Reynolds, George Graham   PPCLI
Smith, Austin Barton   28th Bn
Sparling, Harvey Huston   PPCLI
Stewart, Alan E   CAC HQ Sig Coy
Warren, John Henry   108th Bn
Watson, Thomas Shanly   YMCA
White, John McIntyre   YMCA
Wright, Norman   A.Vet. Corps

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