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Peter MacKinnon Building memorials - by location

This list was compiled in the following order: starting on the first floor, north staircase; south to the end of the east wall; north along the west wall; south along the east wall; with the same process for the second floor. The numbers have been assigned for convenience of reference only.

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List # Name Location
1 West, Edward First floor, centre east
2 Accelton, H First floor, centre east
3 Ferguson, George Alexander First floor, centre east
4 McDonald, Malcolm Martyn First floor, centre east
5 Hossie, David Neill First floor, centre east
6 Bateman, Reginald John Godfrey First floor, centre east
7 Underhill, Frank Hawkins First floor, centre east
8 Reaney, John Eadon First floor, centre east
9 Bodman, Geoffrey Baldwin First floor, centre east
10 Rees, Claire First floor, centre east
11 Heal, Samuel First floor, southeast
12 Burd, Walter First floor, southeast
13 Oliver, John Payson First floor, southeast
14 Mackenzie, Chalmers Jack First floor, southeast
15 Hunter, William Yeats First floor, southeast
16 Freer, Frederick James First floor, southeast
17 Wright, Norman First floor, southeast
18 Strain, John First floor, southeast
19 Oliver, Edmund Henry First floor, southeast
20 Eaton, John W First floor, southeast
21 Rae, John Anderson First floor, southeast
22 Canzi, Frank Alexander First floor, southeast
23 Coghill, John George First floor, southeast
24 Smith, Hugh Sutherland First floor, southeast
25 Black, John First floor, southeast
26 Mighton, Henry Victor First floor, southeast
27 Heaton, H First floor, southeast
28 Blackburn, Charles David Cecil First floor, southwest
29 Paterson, William Andrew First floor, southwest
30 Gilpin, Charles Ridgeway First floor, southwest
31 Kisbey, Percy Dennington First floor, southwest
32 Ecob, Percival Ewart Chapman First floor, southwest
33 Graham, James Donald First floor, southwest
34 Nicholls, Joseph Lees First floor, southwest
35 McFerran, William Thomas First floor, southwest
36 Sparling, Harvey Huston First floor, southwest
37 Clark, Willis Lumgair First floor, southwest
38 Turriff, Robert Sifton First floor, southwest
39 Perley, Henry Dell First floor, southwest
40 Macpherson, John Ross M First floor, southwest
41 Grant, Robert Carlton First floor, southwest
42 Barr, Hamilton First floor, centre west
43 Garrod, William Francis First floor, centre west
44 Allen, John Bolton First floor, centre west
45 Haslam, James Arthur First floor, centre west
46 Davis, William Henry First floor, centre west
47 Spackman, Flower Stephen First floor, centre west
48 Pearson, Ronald Wilfred First floor, centre west
49 Smith, Austin Barton First floor, centre west
50 Olding, Herbert First floor, centre west
51 Grieves, Percival Ernest First floor, centre west
52 Scott, Charles Andrew First floor, centre west
53 Berry, Harry First floor, centre west
54 Gruchy, Arthur Gordon First floor, centre west
55 Frost, Francis George First floor, centre west
56 Cameron, Henry George First floor, centre west
57 Hallett, Clifford Baron First floor, centre west
58 Channell, Gordon Mortimer First floor, centre west
59 Burke, Daniel Clive First floor, centre west
60 Colbiornsen, Almond Ludvig First floor, centre west
61 Shuttleworth, Roy Eugene First floor, centre west
62 Palmer, Samuel Edward First floor, centre west
63 Beaton, William Dobie First floor, centre west
64 Hopkins, Grenville Carson First floor, centre west
65 MacEwen, Louis James First floor, centre west
66 McCordick, Robert Peverel First floor, centre west
67 Salter, Samuel Horace First floor, centre west
68 Lloyd, Arthur Stephen Kenyon First floor, centre west
69 Lloyd, William Exton First floor, centre west
70 Warman, Richard Gordon First floor, centre west
71 Baker, Richard Edward St. Barbe First floor, centre west
72 Balfour, Reginald McLeod First floor, centre west
73 Pearson, William Charles First floor, centre west
74 Duncan, William George First floor, centre west
75 Dobson, George Aubrey First floor, centre west
76 Allingham, Hugh Carter First floor, centre west
77 Little, Frank Clifton First floor, centre west
78 Caswell, Walter Buchanan First floor, centre west
79 Anderson, Renwick William Hunter First floor, centre west
80 Parlett, Arthur Edward Leeming First floor, northwest
81 Cameron, John First floor, northwest
82 Wood, Reginald First floor, northwest
83 Cameron, Charles Neil First floor, northwest
84 Patterson, James Dick First floor, northwest
85 Fisher, John First floor, northwest
86 Hampson, Thomas First floor, northwest
87 Whittingham, Walter Roy First floor, northwest
88 Neatby, Alan Fairlie First floor, northwest
89 Evans, Wilfred John First floor, northwest
90 Quick, Leslie Arthur First floor, northwest
91 Mathews, Avard Yuill First floor, northwest
92 Harrington, Cyril N First floor, northwest
93 Porter, Thomas Johnston First floor, northwest
94 Bunn, Charles Harvey First floor, northwest
95 Ritchie, Thomas First floor, northwest
96 Bell, Arthur Stanley First floor, northwest
97 Wells, J F First floor, northwest
98 Reynolds, George Graham First floor, northwest
99 Godby, Herbert Alder First floor, northwest
100 Baggs, Charles Reginald First floor, northeast
101 Caldwell, Thomas First floor, northeast
102 Lavers, Reginald Adolphus Frederick First floor, northeast
103 Jeary, John Elijah First floor, northeast
104 Hughes, Ernest Lake First floor, northeast
105 Hamblett, Reginald William First floor, northeast
106 Wright, Arthur James First floor, northeast
107 Ashley, Arthur William First floor, northeast
108 Starkings, Arthur George First floor, northeast
109 Bays, Percy Clarence First floor, northeast
110 Jack, Herbert Alexander First floor, northeast
111 House, John Wheeler First floor, northeast
112 Shannon, Reginald Lloyd First floor, northeast
113 Egar, Henry First floor, northeast
114 Forbes, John Campbell First floor, northeast
115 Pitman, Robert Courtenay First floor, northeast
116 Elder, William Gardiner First floor, northeast
117 Homer, Lawrence First floor, northeast
118 Sangster, Douglas Russell First floor, northeast
119 McPherson, Frank Thomas First floor, northeast
120 Turner, Harris First floor, northeast
121 Green, G W First floor, northeast
122 Feenie, Conrad Campbell First floor, northeast
123 Lewis, Henry Yarwood First floor, northeast
124 Hooper, William John Sparling First floor, northeast
125 Wilson, Wilfrid Grant First floor, northeast
126 Keffer, Franklin Mager First floor, northeast
127 Williams, John Dingle First floor, northeast
128 Cantelon, Harry Ray First floor, northeast
129 Balfour, James Stevenson First floor, northeast
130 Lewis, Claude Elvis First floor, northeast
131 Lambie, J First floor, northeast
132 Day, Geoffrey William First floor, northeast
133 Mitchell, Enoch Aldred First floor, northeast
134 West, Frank First floor, northeast
135 Masters, William Clark Second floor, northeast
136 Follens, Eugene Maurice Second floor, northeast
137 Mackenzie, John Kenneth Second floor, northeast
138 Munro, John Matthew Second floor, northeast
139 Gertz, P Second floor, northeast
140 Gordon, John A Second floor, northeast
141 Drysdale, William Second floor, northeast
142 Wilson, Geoffrey Second floor, northeast
143 Rousay, Robert Second floor, northeast
144 Warren, John Henry Second floor, northeast
145 Colvin, John G Second floor, centre east
146 Bryan, Leonard Arthur Second floor, centre east
147 Streib, Frederick William Second floor, centre east
148 Burris, C A Second floor, centre east
149 MacFarlane, John Duncan Second floor, centre east
150 Van Blaricom, Earl Winfield Second floor, centre east
151 Fyfe, Robert John Second floor, centre east
152 MacDermid, John Edgar Second floor, centre east
153 Keeler, Kenneth Powell Second floor, centre east
154 Paterson, George Irving Second floor, centre east
155 Bayne, Charles McVicar Second floor, centre east
156 Bailey, Austin Haynes Second floor, centre east
157 Stewart, Lloyd Arthur Second floor, centre east
158 Mitchell, J Second floor, centre east
159 Chatfield, Alfred Ernest Second floor, centre east
160 Blackburn, Joseph Second floor, centre east
161 Lloyd, Frank Percival Second floor, centre east
162 Gilmour, William B A Second floor, centre east
163 Silcox, Hugh Alfred Second floor, centre east
164 Burd, Frederick Second floor, centre east
165 Henderson, William Walter Second floor, centre east
166 Thomson, William Burr Second floor, centre east
167 Waind, William Raymond Second floor, southeast
168 Jeffries, Orlo Calvin Second floor, southeast
169 Harrington, J B Second floor, southeast
170 Silverson, L Second floor, southeast
171 Mutch, George Alexander Second floor, southeast
172 Carr, C(ecil) J(ohn) Second floor, southeast
173 Bond, Samuel Wallace Second floor, southeast
174 Bradley, Vernon William Second floor, southeast
175 Graham, V J Second floor, southeast
176 Headley, Glen Hawthorne Second floor, southeast
177 Knudtson, Milton Kenneth Second floor, southeast
178 Anderson, Loyde Sinkler Second floor, southeast
179 Andreen, Andrew Eugene Second floor, southeast
180 Boden, C A Second floor, southeast
181 Booth, John Franklin Second floor, southeast
182 Boughner, Clifford Carleen Second floor, southeast
183 Bridgeman, Oscar Cleon Second floor, southeast
184 Cassidy, William Lloyd Second floor, southeast
185 Cayford, Paul Palmer Second floor, southeast
186 Coles, Arnott Jeffrey Second floor, southeast
187 Dawson, P W Second floor, southeast
188 Diefenbaker, Elmer Clive Second floor, southeast
189 Dunbar, W Second floor, southeast
190 Dunlop, E C Second floor, southeast
191 Hatton, John St. Clair Second floor, southeast
192 Macdonald, Graham Second floor, southeast
193 Elliott, William Kenneth Second floor, southeast
194 Hainstock, P A Second floor, southeast
195 Ibbetson, William Second floor, southeast
196 Macdonald, J(ohn) (Ross) Second floor, southeast
197 Maguire, Percy Hathaway Second floor, southeast
198 Mahaffy, Albert Wesley Second floor, southeast
199 Mitchell, Donald James Second floor, southeast
200 Moir, Robert Clair Second floor, southeast
201 Moss, Harold Charles Second floor, southeast
202 Stevenson, Truman Second floor, southeast
203 Turner, Harry Lawrence Second floor, southeast
204 Walker, William Elliot Second floor, southeast
205 Williams, Thomas John Second floor, southeast
206 Wesley-Long, Wellesley Tylney Second floor, southeast
207 Eatock, Harold S Second floor, southeast
208 Andrews, Cyprian Herbert Second floor, southeast
209 Art, James Blair Second floor, southeast
210 Joslyn, John Charleton Second floor, southeast
211 Heathcote, James Shirley Second floor, southeast
212 Morrison, E E Second floor, southeast
213 Mildenberger, J J Second floor, southeast
214 Sexsmith, William Percival Second floor, southeast
215 Smith, Robert Hugh Second floor, southeast
216 Vigfusson, Valdimar Alfred Second floor, southeast
217 Taylor, Nelson Woodsworth Second floor, southeast
218 Saville, Henry Second floor, southeast
219 Taylor, John Emeric Stuart Second floor, southeast
220 Hay, Harry Stewart Second floor, southeast
221 Brailsford, William Second floor, southeast
222 Heffelfinger, Galen Gordon Second floor, southeast
223 Swift, George Second floor, southeast
224 Cumming, James Douglas Second floor, southeast
225 Blair, Harold James Second floor, southeast
226 Reid, Elwyn Robert Second floor, southeast
227 Elliott, Lorne Burton Second floor, southeast
228 Barr, Erland Edward Second floor, southeast
229 Wright, George Second floor, southeast
230 Hall, Thomas Second floor, southeast
231 Fenton, John Joseph Second floor, southeast
232 MacNutt, Thomas Russell Second floor, southeast
233 Watson, Thomas Shanly Second floor, southeast
234 Kyle, Allen Shaw Second floor, southeast
235 Byles, Stephen Roussel Second floor, southeast
236 McMillan, Robert Stanley Second floor, southeast
237 McCreedy, Hedley Vicars Second floor, southeast
238 Procter, Thomas David Second floor, southwest
239 Gray, George John Second floor, southwest
240 Gilmer, Ernest Richard Second floor, southwest
241 Weir, John Alexander Second floor, southwest
242 Murray, J Second floor, southwest
243 Tarbat, George P Second floor, southwest
244 Trowbridge, John T Second floor, southwest
245 Codling, William Mansell Second floor, southwest
246 Nicoll, James Rae Paterson Second floor, southwest
247 Smith, Allan A Second floor, southwest
248 Moore, John James Second floor, southwest
249 Spence, Ronald Charles Second floor, southwest
250 Matthews, Harvey T Second floor, southwest
251 Low, David Duncan Second floor, southwest
252 Thomson, Edwin Ernest Second floor, southwest
253 Nicholson, Angus Second floor, southwest
254 Thorn, George Oliver Second floor, centre west
255 Cooke, Bradford Alexander Second floor, centre west
256 Coates, Walter George Second floor, centre west
257 McNaughton, William Gladstone Second floor, centre west
258 Ball, Spencer Second floor, centre west
259 Jefferson, George Chester Second floor, centre west
260 McConnell, Clifford Second floor, centre west
261 Greaves, Eric Miller Second floor, centre west
262 Bayles, Sidney Moore Second floor, centre west
263 Smith, Ralph Bracken Second floor, centre west
264 Whittingham, Grover Second floor, centre west
265 Dillon, Reginald James Second floor, centre west
266 Goulden, Oscar William Second floor, centre west
267 Clark, Herbert Moses Benjamin Second floor, centre west
268 Shouldice, Stanley Hobbs Second floor, centre west
269 Hunt, Williis George Second floor, centre west
270 Dawson, John Kenneth Second floor, centre west
271 Rowles, Thomas Second floor, centre west
272 Clark, Cable Boville Second floor, centre west
273 Hill, James Gordon Second floor, centre west
274 Palmer, Frederick Erik Second floor, centre west
275 Glover, Geoffrey Second floor, centre west
276 Elliott, Russell Howard Second floor, centre west
277 Peters, George Israel Second floor, centre west
278 Nesbitt, Fred Second floor, centre west
279 Leitch, Robert Stanley Second floor, centre west
280 Nicholson, Allan Levi Second floor, centre west
281 Bate, George Aubrey Second floor, centre west
282 Willing, Victor Second floor, centre west
283 Johnson, Albert Edward Second floor, centre west
284 MacRae, Donald Colin Second floor, centre west
285 Harold, Robert Luther Second floor, centre west
286 Downer, Charles William Second floor, centre west
287 Alexander, Laurence Guy Second floor, northwest
288 Munro, Hector George Second floor, northwest
289 Willing, Norman Gillespie Second floor, northwest
290 Greenwood, Walter Second floor, northwest
291 MacFarlane, Joseph Arthur Second floor, northwest
292 Cooney, Leonard Oliver Second floor, northwest
293 Gray, Walter Arthur Second floor, northwest
294 Crawford, Kenneth Branaman Second floor, northwest
295 Lyon, Victor Wynne Second floor, northwest
296 Wilson, J H Second floor, northwest
297 McRitchie, Herbert Ernest Second floor, northwest
298 Cowan, John Stewart Second floor, northwest
299 Ramsay, John Ernest Rowe Second floor, northwest
300 Stewart, Alan E Second floor, northwest
301 Luckraft, Reginald Miller Second floor, northwest
302 Lewis, John Grant Second floor, northwest
303 Lindal, Skuli Gudbrandur Second floor, northwest
304 White, Julian Alexander Second floor, northwest
305 Walker, Ashley MacIntosh Second floor, northwest
306 Scott, John Charles Second floor, northwest
307 Porter, George Frederick Second floor, northwest
308 Paul, John Arnold Second floor, northwest
309 Aird, Hugh Second floor, northwest
310 Diefenbaker, John George Bannerman Second floor, northeast
311 MacMillan, Michael Allen Second floor, northeast
312 Dimock, Hedly Seldon Second floor, northeast
313 Brown, J Ross Second floor, northeast
314 Watson, George Thomas Second floor, northeast
315 Waite, Gilbert Joseph Second floor, northeast
316 Hartley, Thomas Arnold Second floor, northeast
317 Donaldson, George Tait Second floor, northeast
318 Douglas, Andrew Second floor, northeast
319 Gloag, Robert Second floor, northeast
320 Bremner, Charles Jamieson Second floor, northeast
321 Brydon, James Second floor, northeast
322 Mitchell, John Second floor, northeast
323 Besrodny, J Second floor, northeast
324 Smith, John Henry Second floor, northeast
325 Piercy, Chesley Hickman Second floor, northeast
326 Irwin, Frank Clarence Second floor, northeast
327 Douthwaite, Asher Brown Cyril Second floor, northeast
328 Hennequin, H J Second floor, northeast
329 Binnie, John Alexander Second floor, northeast
330 Coppock, Frank Houston Second floor, northeast
331 McDonald, Thomas Bruce Second floor, northeast
332 McIssac, J J F Second floor, northeast
2014 Green, David Robert 2014 plaque
2014 Miner, Vernon Ulysses 2014 plaque
2014 Hall, William James 2014 plaque
2014 Grant, General Middleton 2014 plaque
2014 Forbes, William Kenneth 2014 plaque
2014 Bailey, Albert F 2014 plaque
2014 Brehaut, Louis 2014 plaque
2014 Anderson, Andrew Melville 2014 plaque
2014 Stewart, Robert 2014 plaque
2014 Bunn, John Rich 2014 plaque
2014 Wiklund, Paul Peter 2014 plaque
2014 Macintosh, William Cameron 2014 plaque
2014 White, John McIntyre 2014 plaque
2014 French, J W 2014 plaque
2014 McKenzie, Kenneth 2014 plaque
2014 Weir, George Moir 2014 plaque
2014 Stewart, Andrew Ernest 2014 plaque

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