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Accelton, H


Battalion / unit at enlistment: Royal Field Artillery
U of S affiliation at enlistment: staff
College Building memorial: First floor, centre east
Slide number(s): HR-1133

Military service - assignments

Group Type Location First known date Last known date Reason for end of assignment Notes


Decoration type Notes

Non-military addresses

Address Occupation Earliest date Latest date Source Notes
1121 12th St., E., Saskatoon    1928   1928 list
1928 list = "List of Students who enlisted during the Great War," U of S Archives. The list was completed after F. Underhill went to the University of Toronto in 1927; probably in conjunction with the Memorial Gates. Some of the addresses may be from an earlier date.


National Archives reference: not found
College Building list #: 2
Roll of Honour list #:
Roll of Service (1928) #: 68
Long List #: 68

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