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As the Great War opened, the University of Saskatchewan was not yet seven years old with just three graduating classes totaling less than fifty earned degrees. Before 1914 President Walter Murray was concerned with the growth of the University. The war changed everything. All thoughts of expansion and growth were put on hold.

The year before the outbreak of war, classes were finally being held on campus in the newly completed buildings.  President Murray reported, “The buildings of the University were formally opened by the Hon. Walter Scott on the first day of May, 1913. To Mr. Scott came the rare opportunity of dignifying the life of a province by the erection of worthy public buildings. The Legislative Buildings at Regina and the University buildings at Saskatoon will for generations stand as a memorial of the hopes and ambitions of the pioneers of the youngest province of the Dominion.”

With these memorable words, Premier Scott began his address at the Opening: "We are met here to mark the completion and opening...of Saskatchewan's Provincial University and Agricultural College. Next to the Legislature of the province itself this seat of higher learning is the most important institution that Saskatchewan will ever possess - and I am by no means sure that a state second in importance to the Legislature of that state, because upon the work of the University during the twentieth century will depend in great measure...the character of the Legislature which will be representing the province, and the character of the government which the people of the province will be carrying on for themselves at the end of the century. The importance of the institution needs no emphasis.

The above links to photographs of campus life from ths Archives Photograph Collection and the J.E. Murray fonds MG 61.  The 1912-13 and 1913-14 Presidential Report has also been made available.