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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Allen, John Bolton 74027 28th Bn
Barr, Hamilton 74208 28th Bn
Bateman, Reginald John Godfrey 74029 28th Bn
Berry, Harry 74030 28th Bn
Brehaut, Louis 74033 28th Bn
Burd, Walter 74034 28th Bn
Day, Geoffrey William 74037 28th Bn
Frost, Francis George 74039 28th Bn
Garrod, William Francis 74041 28th Bn
Gruchy, Arthur Gordon 74040 28th Bn
Haslam, James Arthur 74042 28th Bn
Lloyd, William Exton 74043 28th Bn
Macintosh, William Cameron 74501 28th Bn
Olding, Herbert 74047 28th Bn
Pearson, William Charles 531680 28th Bn
Reaney, John Eadon   28th Bn
Scott, Charles Andrew 74051 28th Bn
Smith, Austin Barton   28th Bn
Spackman, Flower Stephen 73041 28th Bn
Warman, Richard Gordon 523845 28th Bn

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