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Name Regimental number Battalion/unit on enlistment
Anderson, Renwick William Hunter 426240 C.M.R.
Bridgeman, Oscar Cleon 2382534 1st Depot BN MB
Bryan, Leonard Arthur 781852 2nd CMR
Cameron, Charles Neil 411071 PPCLI
Canzi, Frank Alexander 500285 Signal Service
Coghill, John George 502654 Canadian Enginers Overseas
Cowan, John Stewart 523890 1st Field Amb
Diefenbaker, John George Bannerman    
Follens, Eugene Maurice   USA
Grant, General Middleton 258649 1st Depot Bn SK
Green, David Robert 2381881 1st Depot Bn MB
Heffelfinger, Galen Gordon 524114 12th Can Field Amb
Hossie, David Neill   King Edward Horse
Lewis, Henry Yarwood 411090 1st Univ Co
Lewis, John Grant 523928 1st Field Amb
Lloyd, Frank Percival   203rd Bn
Luckraft, Reginald Miller 531787 11th Field Amb
Lyon, Victor Wynne 523861 1st Can Tunneling Co.
MacFarlane, John Duncan 504366 2nd Bn Canadian Engineers
MacRae, Donald Colin 910881 12th Field Amb
Mighton, Henry Victor 2765239 53rd Bn
Moir, Robert Clair 259676 1st Depot Bn SK
Moore, John James 910929 196th Bn
Perley, Henry Dell 1250998 77th Depot Batery, CFA,CEF
Rae, John Anderson   CAMC
Ramsay, John Ernest Rowe 534257 8th Sask Hospital
Rowles, Thomas 910880 196th Bn
Smith, Allan A 910949 196th Bn
Thomson, Edwin Ernest 910853 196th Bn
Van Blaricom, Earl Winfield 318907 50th (Queen's) Batery CFA
Vigfusson, Valdimar Alfred 260368 1st Depot Bn SK
Waind, William Raymond 2413317  
Walker, Ashley MacIntosh 911050 196th Bn
Walker, William Elliot 259423 1st Depot Bn SK
Warren, John Henry   108th Bn
Watson, Thomas Shanly   YMCA
Weir, George Moir 3353275  
Weir, John Alexander    
West, Frank 257869 5th Univ Co
Whittingham, Grover 910867 196th Bn
Wood, Reginald 2381405 1st Depot Bn MB

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